How To Promote Your Music? Online Is Where You Start


This is the first step to promoting your music, getting a record deal and whatever else you want to accomplish. It’s shocking to see how many musicians don’t have their own website, and I’m not talking about any of the free websites like WordPress or Blogger etc. That also includes Soundcloud, BandCamp and the other hundreds of music websites on the internet. You are supposed to be using those types of websites to promote your music online to people who frequent them websites already. Once they stumble across you on that site you should always direct them back to your website.

Think about it, if they just happened to stumble across your profile on bandcamp they are just as likely to leave your profile and stumble to the next musicians profile on bandcamp. At that point you may have lost them forever with no future chance of promoting your music to them.


 One Of The Best Ways To Promote Your Music – Audio Drops


When you are promoting your music online by releasing mp3’s, you should always place an audio drop at the beginning or ending of your song that directs the listener back to your website. What this means is just as the song is starting you should have audio that says “check me out online at for more music and info”. Of course it doesn’t have to be those exact words but you get the point. The reason you should do this is simple…there is a good chance that you have that one song that someone really liked so they downloaded it. Every time they play that song the audio drop at the beginning or the end of the song reminds them to go to your website. You are using your actual music, in this case 1 particular song, to promote your other music.


Promote And Market Your Music As A Brand


Though this article is called how to promote your music step 1, there is actually a step, or at least a mindset that you need to have before you begin to promote. You have to get it in your head that you are a Brand. What does this mean? It means that you are not simply a musician or a band or a DJ or a rapper or a singer, you are a product. Once you understand that, marketing your music becomes a lot clearer. Let’s take Kim Kardashian for example…Kim doesn’t have a particular skill that she is known for, her real skill is understanding that she is a brand. Because of this she is able to put her name on all types of products and make money from them. The business world understands that she is a brand also and they are eager to do business with her because of it.

A quick note about audio drops, you might not want to put one on every song if you are selling it as an album or an ep as this could get irritating to a fan that is listening to the album. Instead, place it at the beginning of the album and ant the end. If we are talking about singles though, do it on every single one.


I Can’t Afford A Website To Promote and Market My Music


Too bad, so sad. You are not going to make it in the music business if you don’t put your money and your time where your mouth is. The only thing that is free in the music business is writing lyrics. Pretty much everything else costs money. You are not compose any music without paying for the instruments to create the music. You are not going to promote your music on twitter, facebook or youtube without having an internet connection and a computer. You aren’t even going to have any music to promote without spending money for the tools to record the music in the first place. Bottom line, if you want to be involved in the music business you need some income.

Getting your own website to promote your music is not that expensive. There are 2 steps involved, #1 is buying a domain name and #2 is buying a hosting account. A domain name is the thing that people type into their browser to get to your site. is domain name, is a domain name. Your domain name should be the name of your band or your artist name. Domain names cost around $10-$12 per year. The second step is a hosting account, this is where your actual music, pictures and files that make your website will be held.

Look at it like this…
a domain name is the same as a phone number
a hosting account is the same as a phone

people dial your phone number to find you, people type your domain name to find you
you use your phone to communicate with those people, you use your hosting account to communicate with those people (by showing them pictures, words, music etc)

A hosting account cost’s from $5 – $10 per month, depending on what you need, though most musicians won’t need an expensive hosting account starting out.


What about Step 2?


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