A Unique Guide to Learning Your Music Business

To have a successful music business you must first learn how the industry works.

This easy to follow guide to online music promotion will take you into corners of the music industry others dare not speak.

Over 10 chapters and 12000 words. 'Learn Your Music Business' is the only guide you need to building a massive following and making a living from your hard work and creativity.


What You'll Get

Let's talk about just a few things you will find incredibly useful when you buy the guide...

Industry Tips, Tricks & Advice
Learn some of the secrets used by music professionals when working with promotion and marketing.
Save Time
By having all this information in one convenient place we hope to bring back to you that precious commodity we call time. All of the information is up to date and all under one roof.
Directory of over 100 record labels
As an added bonus for buying this eBook you will receive our list of Record Labels Accepting Demos. Saving you hours of searching.

Overview of Learn Your Music Business

An overview of the first 4 chapters in our 11 chapter guide.

Chapter One

Getting Started

In this book I will cover lots of ideas and tips on the music industry. Hopefully I can open your mind to some ideas that you might not have thought of.

Chapter Two

Social Media

The world is now over run by file sharing sites along with other ways to pick up music, demanding the record labels and artists take a different approach in making a steady income and feeding their growth.

Chapter Three

Making Your Approach

As good as your music might be, if you don't have that important connection with your fans, then you run the risk of failing to retain their attention and money.

Chapter Four

Facebook Band Page

There is more to Facebook likes than just having the ability to boost your ego.

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About The Author

Iain Fraser

Iain is known as the voice of CaptainSIB.com's amazing music podcasts. A music blogger and  promoter. Injecting a decades worth of experience into his new book 'Learn Your Music Business'.